The biggest book sale in the world!

Web site :

Earlier, I thought this sale is a not so cheap sale so i think i will skip it. But when my blogger friend, Ms RN keep promoting and telling how cheap is the book, so i think, why not i give a try... :) I told my eldest daughter, Aisyah about this plan and she's really got excited!

Last Saturday, we went there.... goshhh... really a big crowd heading to the book sale location. The hall is huge and the air-cond function very well. Aisyah grabs all the books as the books is free! She's asking me, is all the book here is free??? hahahah... no lah sayang... we have to pay for it... then she continue shopping!

Here's the books that we manage to grab last Saturday... all it cost about rm342 only! Including two musical books (Sarah and twin really like the books)! Mostly books with stickers inside.

Aisyah at the entrance

Sarah's turn!

This is mine! :D

Children books

Let's reading together!

All in cost about rm342 only... very worth buying!

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